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Club Championships Saturday 26th August - Saturday 9th September

You can only enter by completing the online form below. Please submit your entries by 13th August. 

Organiser: Irena Glover


Important tournament information:

  • Please complete the section with dates and times when you are unavailable to play (found at the bottom of the entry form).  This is crucial to the smooth running of the tournament.

  • Dates and times scheduled for your matches have to be adhered to or YOU WILL BE SCRATCHED.  Matches can be played BEFORE their scheduled day and time if you contact your opponents and rearrange but you MUST contact Irena to inform her of the change before the match is played.  Court availability for rearranged matches must be checked against the order of play and the new time and date written on the tournament notice board.

  • You MUST be available for Finals Day on Saturday 9th September from 10.00am (Sunday 10th if Saturday is cancelled due to rain). 

  • You can enter a maximum of FOUR events, free of charge, but you will need to be available to play throughout the whole tournament.

  • Events need a minimum number (6) of entrants to be run. If this number is not met then the event may not go ahead

  • If you are consistently not available for play please restrict your entry to two events.

  • It is your responsibility to consult the order of play for your match times.

  • Handicap event entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Handicap Committee.
    All the tournament information will be online. Here you will find the draws and more importantly dates and times of your matches and subsequent rounds if you win.  There will also be copies of all the draws and order of play on the notice boards.   Finals Day will be on Saturday 9th September from 10.00am with the bar open from lunchtime and a barbecue. 

Mens Categories
Ladies Categories
Mixed Competitions
Junior Competitions

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