COVID Guidance & Player Safety

At Carisbrooke we take player safety very seriously and as such will be fully complying with all LTA guidance. A full copy of the latest guidance is attached via a link at the end of this paragraph. If any members or non-members have any concerns whilst playing at Carisbrooke please get in touch with us immediately.

Given the ever-moving situation with Covid we are constantly reviewing our guidelines for use of the Dome at Carisbrooke. Please see the latest guidelines below.

Hand sanitisers are present inside and outside the dome. Posters are on-site instructing players to use these on entry and exit.

Players are reminded to avoid direct contact with each other during play. Benches/chairs have been spaced out to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Players are reminded to pass balls back by kicking them, not to pick them up.

Players waiting to enter the dome to play must wait outside until the players finishing have exited the dome facility. Players are requested to finish a few minutes prior to their booking end time to allow for safe changeover.

If your session starts or finishes while the other court is in use, then please wait for a break in play before walking behind the other court to get to your court or to leave the dome.

The dome booking system holds the contact details of the main contact for all bookings. In the event of anyone testing positive, we will be able to enable the NHS Track and Trace protocols. We will contact the main booking contact who in turn will have to contact the players who attended.

For adhoc bookings, Clubspark does allow the booker to enter the names of all participants in the booking but we are unable to make this mandatory. – If you are not entering the names of all players playing in your session to Clubspark then we require the main booker to maintain a record of all players for each session for 21 days to conform to the LTA guidelines.

We are also participating in the NHS COVID-19 system and if you have downloaded the NHS track and trace app to your phone please scan the Carisbrooke Tennis Club track and trace QR code whenever you enter the dome or come onto our site. QR codes will be placed around the club.

The revolving door to access the dome will be cleaned and sanitised in line with our cleaning regime, however players can wear gloves as a further precaution.

A maximum of 8 adult players are allowed in the dome at any one time (unless a coaching session is being played, which may mean more at certain times).

The club toilets will remain open with usual COVID hygiene requirements in place.

Unfortunately, at this time the club bar will remain closed so please bring refreshments with you.